University-A new and Exciting Opportunity right?

University is a new and exciting opportunity for sure, but holy moly its an intense workload. I’ve been here for a few weeks now, after moving over from another state. Whilst I love the location, its fair to say that university is the most demanding form of education I have had to date.

And I’ve only been attending uni for a little over a week.

BUT! There is good news. The content I am studying is all really interesting stuff that I have wanted to study for a long time.  This makes it far easier to stay motivated and complete my readings in my own time.

I’ve also taken up a photography course as part of my degree, which has sparked a new love for taking photos. (Stay tuned for photo posts)

Just checking in briefly during my busy schedule, but hopefully I’ll have time to post more as I improve my study habits and maximise my time!



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