A Simple tip for Saving Money..

Today’s blog post provides a quick and easy way to save money, which I have found to be very effective and useful. Read on for more…

This tip came from my dad, and resonated with me for some time before I actually decided to try it out for myself. As I remember, he showed me a simple tin with a little slot in the top to put money into. The tin was quite spacious- about as big as a large money box, and rattled when he shook it.

“This tin,” he explained, “is just this years worth of two dollar coins.”

“How much is in it?” I asked him.

“I have no idea,” he replied. “And that’s the fun of it.”

He went on to explain that he had done this in past years, hoarded two dollar coins all year before finally counting them at the end and finding that he had a small fortune.

I liked the idea, and set about collecting my own two dollar coins and putting them in a jar on my desk. My jar fails in that it’s made of glass and is accessible by me should I need. The ideal jar is enclosed on all sides and cannot be accessed until it is ready to be counted.

The basic idea for this is to put away any two dollar coins you have and come back to them later. Trust me, it works.




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