What the New Year means for me..

Just a short post today, but something which I think is important.


2016 wasn’t the best year, let’s be honest. But for me, it wasn’t the worst year either. Sure we lost some terrific people, and in rapid succession too. There were times of grief and sadness, but there were also high points in the year. 2016 was a year of learning for all of us. It taught us that life is short and that no one can live forever.

So this brings me to 2017. It hasn’t been bad so far. I’ve been sick for a bit of it, but I’ve also had some terrific experiences, so it balances out. The world is still spinning on its axis.

As some people know, I’ll be moving interstate to study Journalism at university this year, which is an exciting and daunting prospect. This year I’ve already began setting some serious goals, to develop myself as a person and to make sure this year will be the best year I can make it. What I’m doing isn’t a New Years Resolution so much as a change of attitude.

Make this year count.


Thanks for reading!


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