Yesterday was, as I recall, one of the better days I have had since finishing college. I got my final results (and I couldn’t complain) so I grabbed my basketball, and headed to the local outdoor court to get some exercise. As per usual, I scouted out the area as I was driving past, to make sure the court was unoccupied.

I could only see one woman, and she didn’t appear to have a basketball. I felt no inclination to seek another court. As I walked across the park towards her I realised that she wasn’t alone-she was with her son. They weren’t playing with toys or a basketball, they were throwing a stick. Anyway, I said hi then proceeded to take some shots at the hoop as per normal. Pretty soon the young boys attention was drawn to my basketball. He began chasing it around and wouldn’t leave me alone until I gave him a throw.

Of course, I sacrificed my practice session to play basketball with him! We had a terrific time. His mother kept saying to me: “just let me know if he’s annoying you,” and I would tell her to stop being ridiculous. It was great fun while it lasted. He was running around with such energy and vigour that I couldn’t help but smile. Soon enough, I had to leave to go meet some friends, so I said my farewells. The little boy tried to follow me to my car, but his mother had to bring him back to the basketball court (much to his dismay).

Anyway, continuing the story, when I met up with my friends, they told me that they had been given a key to an indoor, full size basketball court. So we went there for a couple of hours and had a far better and more productive session than the one I would’ve had at the park had the little boy not been there. On that afternoon I got the best of both worlds.

After brightening the little boy’s day, the same thing happened to mine, and I think that’s truly something special.