An Interesting fact about Sandwiches..

Hello! Today I reveal a most interesting fact. One which I stumbled across during my ventures across the internet. And, as you’ve probably guessed, it’s about sandwiches.

So I’m just going to say it, straight out…

Sandwiches taste better when they are made by someone else!

How interesting is that? I think we all secretly knew this, but now it’s scientifically proven. One argument suggests that over-exposure to the sandwich decreases the bodies physical and physiological responses to it.

Another argument suggests that: whilst making the sandwich, the body begins to anticipate its taste, hence when the sandwich is ready, the flavours are less of a surprise (and hence they are less tasty) 

Anyway, I just thought this fact had to be shared. Thanks for reading, and a more detailed look into this issue can be found here!



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