My post today is something a bit different to what I would usually put on here. Please, bear with me. Just recently I found myself thinking more and more about this and I wanted to put my thoughts into words. I’ll start off by saying this: I love the Fast and the Furious movies. They could keep me occupied all day. They are actually some of my favourite films ever. I just love the camaraderie, and the action, which complement each other beautifully. As a car lover, it is also interesting to see how the cars have evolved throughout the series.

This brings me to that tragic day in November 2013, when the Fast and the Furious movie franchise lost one of its central members in an off set car crash.

Paul Walker: September 12th, 1973- November 30th 2013

Paul was my favourite character of the series. I loved him for his down to earth and caring attitude. When I conducted some research into his life outside of the movie business I discovered that he really was a caring, down to earth guy. He founded the charity “Reach Out World Wide” (ROWW) and worked hard to make a difference in developing countries. I only recently found this out, but his daughter’s godfather is actually Vin Diesel.

Ever since these movies, this man made a big difference in my life. He epitomises everything I hope to achieve as a person in my lifetime: a terrific role model for his daughter, an activist for change in the world and (from what I’ve seen) a great person to be around in general. Of course I am aware that the media is renowned for painting celebrities in a skewed light, but he was always shown to be a good person. I can confidently say I have tried much harder to be a better person because of this man.

I think we can all take something out of this. He lived a short life, and was taken far too soon (just 40 years of age). But in that time he built something special. Life on this Earth is far too short, and we have to make the most of it, particularly in our younger years.

Thank you Paul, for leading by example and showing that, even in this crazy world, it is still possible to be a good person. Rest in Peace.


Link to Paul’s charity: