Book to Movie Adaptions..

Nowadays, it seems like every second book is being made into a movie. And I think it’s great. But there are just a few things which I feel are important in regards to this- general rules which I abide by whenever I can.

First and foremost, read the book before you watch the movie. This is common advice, but often overlooked because the movie is more easily accessible or the book is “too long.” The book version always has more detail, and is almost always better than the movie. Furthermore, having the ending of a book spoilt by watching the movie first is far worse than the other way around.

However, if (by some stroke of bad luck) you find yourself chained to a chair, forced to watch the film version of a story before you have read the book, still read the book afterwards. I always find it interesting to explore the discrepancies between the two versions of the story. Particularly in stories which are difficult to adapt, the directors can swerve off course and create an entirely different plot line to ensure it is entertaining enough.

I like movies. I like books. Perhaps my love for books outweighs my love for movies, but I still enjoy watching the adaptions. With such a big (and growing) movie industry, it seems only appropriate to appreciate the movies, instead of dismissing them altogether. After reading the book, it is always good to start watching the movie with an open mind.

Give everything a chance to amaze you.

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