Man’s best friend- a poem about the cruel nature of death..

This was the first free verse poem I ever wrote, and I wrote it a long time ago now. It is rough, but still equally relevant. I’d appreciate if you took the time to read it. 🙂

Man’s Best Friend

I’ll never forget

My walks in the park,

With my dog by my side

Wagging his tail and chasing the rabbits.


I’ll never remember

What prompted those walks,

But he was there with me

Helping me through.


I’ll never stop laughing

At the logs he’d bring home,

As wide as the driveway

And as thick as my arm.


I’ll never find

A better friend,

No one was half as loyal

Or half as hairy as him.


I’ll never accept

That I wasn’t his favourite,

Because I fed him his food

And he loved me for that.


I’ll always remember

The day he left me,

His lungs were full of water,

And so were our eyes.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Please give me some feedback below!



8 thoughts on “Man’s best friend- a poem about the cruel nature of death..

  1. This is probably the first non-rhying poem I thoroughly enjoyed. LIfe is a dynamic process of change and even more change. When we see things this way, life gets easier. Health is wealth! Keep reading and writing! Keep up the good work!

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