Jon Olsson is, or was, a professional skier. For fifteen years he competed, and he was one of the world’s best. Now however, he Vlogs his daily life through his Youtube channel, which is called…. Jon Olsson.

I came across Jon’s YouTube channel about two weeks ago, when I was supposed to be studying. His carefree attitude and positive outlook on life earned himself another subscriber that day. Each morning I look forward to his daily video, which he posts about his life; at his house in Monaco and his ‘summer house’ in Marbella. Often his job demands him to travel, so there are videos of him visiting exotic and beautiful places. Like today for example, when he took his girlfriend to Miami. MIAMI.

That’s just great for him.

But, whilst I feel inclined to hate him for the lifestyle he lives, the man lives on solid moral grounds. He is an awesome dude.

So what does this have to do with anyone else? Maybe nothing. All I know is, this man provides a damn good video every single day. Each day he wakes up, begins filming with his trademark catchline “good morning!” and takes us on a journey.

If I am ever rich, this is the kind of attitude I want.

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